Burning Man & The Great Ticket Shortage of 2012

Today, the Burning Man Organization will announce its new policies regarding tickets to this year’s event. Growth, permit concerns and an aging ticket system has taken its toll and has caused, what many burners see as a huge disaster. Many … Continue reading Burning Man & The Great Ticket Shortage of 2012

Pep Bonet -emerging photographer

I love an artform where you’re called “young” at 36. I’m actually 36 + I’m a photographer = I’m still young. There it is: proof that I’m young in equation form. Jokes aside, Pep Bonet is the real deal. This is a great interview with a very talented photojournalist. Worth 7 minutes of your time for sure, and theres some great advice for all photographers and well, everyone. Enjoy. Continue reading Pep Bonet -emerging photographer