Will and Jenn

These two people live far away from me, but somehow distance doesn’t separate us. I’m from Georgia originally. Will and I were in our first band together. We went to high school together. So when I heard that Will and Jenn got engaged I was beside myself with happiness. Will was one of my groomsmen…

North Lake and South Lake

I decided to process some shots from last fall.  North and South Lake near Bishop, Ca. These are HDRs of about 7 shots then contrast adjusted and then converted to black and white. I love the black & white custom filter function in Photoshop; careful, you can mess around for hours.

Towsley Canyon & Route 66

I’ve decided to merge two posts here. One is about a trip down Route 66, the other about a San Gabirel Mountain hike. It was an adventurous weekend that reminded me how fun and exciting being a phtographer can be. You don’t even need a camera really, all you  need is a sense of curiousity…

Fall in Bishop, Ca 2009

For a slide show of these images, click here. Heather and I took the majestic highway 395 North to Bishop to take in the changing color and too much good bread from Eric Schatt’s Bakkery. A few friends who shall remain nameless once made the five hour journey just for bread and turned back and…

Saddleback Butte 9.20.09

We have been very, very slack in our hiking lately. Its really shameful. Last Sunday, we tried to find our way back. We normally scoff at 10 and 12 mile hikes as with thousands of feet of elevation change; last weekend, we barely topped 2 miles. This isn’t for lack of trying. The Station Fire,…

Space Shuttle Discovery Landing

The first time I saw a shuttle landing it was STS-4 and Roanld Reagan was there. That was July 4th, 1982. I’ll never forget how amazing that day was. There were American flags everywhere and what seemed like millions of proud Americans, baking in the hot Mojave sun. I saw the president speak from a…

Mt. Waterman 8.16.09

We usually don’t repeat trails since there are so many around here, but we love Mt. Waterman. It has the feel of the Sierras on the summit plateau, its a nice and easy 6 miles or so and its not too far from home. The visibility wasn’t what we had hoped and we couldn’t even…

Arbor Lofts

Artist lofts in Lancaster? Your stimulus dollars at work. A few weeks ago, my wife Heather went to downtown Lancaster, where once a month they shut down the street and have a small street fair. Heather went to image the fire dancers. They happened to perform right in front of this great building. Curious, she…

Yosemite Backpacking

Vernal Falls RainbowHeaven is on Earth and needs no magic to be a miracle.

At the end of our week in the first place ever set aside for preservation of beauty we had seen bears, pheasants and our lives flash before our eyes. Animals, danger, peace, vertical miles, food and digital images. What else could one ask for?
Eli, Russ and Heather waiting on the bus.

Eli, Russ and Heather waiting for the free hybrid shuttle bus, anticipating a long day of hiking.

Vernal Falls wideVernal Falls. While climbing down to this view, I slipped on a moss covered rock and landed right on my ass. Any closer to the Merced River and I may have been a goner. Two weeks to the day before this shot was taken, a woman fell into this river and has not been found since. Signs asking the public for help could be seen all over the park.

Vernal Falls with hikers

The Mist Trail is the most popular trail in the park and the one that turned Heather and I into hikers. The weather on this day left much to be desired and the trail was packed. The light for photography was very low, but we had a great time taking it all in.