Burning Man & The Great Ticket Shortage of 2012

Today, the Burning Man Organization will announce its new policies regarding tickets to this year’s event. Growth, permit concerns and an aging ticket system has taken its toll and has caused, what many burners see as a huge disaster. Many of the amazing and mind-blowing art and projects that makes Burning Man what it is…


I threw a few lapses together for a juried exhibition at the Lancaster Museum of Art Gallery. They said they never get video entries.

Efrain the Shepherd and the California Poppies

On the way to scout a location for a couple’s shoot, I drove by an amazing field of poppies. Where I live, that isn’t uncommon, but this one had a herd of about a thousand sheep not too far away complete with shepherd. I couldn’t resist the impulse to stop and record this amazing sight….

The Salton Sea and Joshua Tree National Park

If you like to see a slideshow of these images, please click here. In southern California, we don’t have to stop doing outdoor stuff just because of winter. While it’s pretty cold in the high desert where I live, all it takes is a short drive to reach a climate more to suitable to adventure….

Towsley Canyon & Route 66

I’ve decided to merge two posts here. One is about a trip down Route 66, the other about a San Gabirel Mountain hike. It was an adventurous weekend that reminded me how fun and exciting being a phtographer can be. You don’t even need a camera really, all you  need is a sense of curiousity…

Kill Bill Church and more faces

Heather and I have been meaning to to head out to the East side of town to explore the church where Beatrix Kiddo was (almost) murdered. If you’re a Tarantino fan like I am, you’ll recognize the place. This lovely church featured in Kill Bill pt. 1 has been on our list of locations for…

Hiking Saddleback Butte

~4 miles, 1000 feet, easy A friend and I hit up a local hill for some views and elevated heart rate. The Station Fire put us out of business for a while; it closed down many of the roads heading into the Angeles National Forest, our favorite stomping grounds. Not to mention we can hardly…