The Salton Sea and Joshua Tree National Park

If you like to see a slideshow of these images, please click here. In southern California, we don’t have to stop doing outdoor stuff just because of winter. While it’s pretty cold in the high desert where I live, all it takes is a short drive to reach a climate more to suitable to adventure….

Pets and Parents

For a slideshow of these images, please click here. I’ve been trying to hone the portrait skills a lot lately. The more I learn about light, it seems the less I know. Every subject is different and its not always a simple task to record the essence of someone’s personality in 1/250th of a second….

Saddleback Butte 9.20.09

We have been very, very slack in our hiking lately. Its really shameful. Last Sunday, we tried to find our way back. We normally scoff at 10 and 12 mile hikes as with thousands of feet of elevation change; last weekend, we barely topped 2 miles. This isn’t for lack of trying. The Station Fire,…


The first thing I saw when I walked out of my door this morning was this beautiful butterfly. Turns out he is a Papilio multicaudata or a two-tailed Swallowtail. He/she was more then willing to let me get close enough for some great macros. The light wasnt’t perfect, but this just goes to show that…