Banksy’s on sale for $60?! You missed it.


So did I. Once again, the artist extraordinaire pulls another fast one on us by putting his wares on sale on a busy New York street labeled only as “Spray Art.” Some very lucky and seemingly unaware art buyer got the deal of a life time. Of course, there’s the question of authentication. This, if you ask me, is art in and of itself. With his work selling for millions, there’s a lot of questions about stenciling and street art that are still waiting to be answered. How does a stencil compare to a print? Can you authenticate and sell a stencil if there’s no way to truly know it was Banksy who created it?  I wanna know what he told this guy who manned the booth all day long.

If I had seen it, I would’ve definitely stopped, but I’d have probably assumed they were knock-offs. Maybe that was Banksy’s idea: to present his work, which sells for top dollar (much to his own surprise Im sure) amongst all the fake Rolex’s and bootleg purses on a NY street.

Whatever his intent, this calls into question the terms “Fine Art,” gallery space, bootleg, print and reproduction. Once again, the old bloke has this guy thinking.

Shared from the Verge.

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