Dove gets it.

Dove gets it.

Dove gets it.
Dove gets it.

I swore off the liquify tool last year when the AMA declared Photoshop was bad for your health.

I still spot heal, but I think that not only should photographers be able to make someone look their best without manipulation, I also believe that we have a responsibility to create a better world for everyone, not just clothing and cosmetics companies. I used to believe that I was doing my subjects a favor by bringing the same tools that supermodels and celebrities have at their disposal to regular everyday people. Now, I realize that if we all just stopped, we’d be better off. I still believe for now that no one should be at the mercy of acne or spots of dust, but is that really helping?

I know for sure that I never want to contribute to someone’s anorexia. Here’s to loving ourselves just the way we are. Thanks, Dove for nailing it with this action.

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