Pep Bonet -emerging photographer

I love an artform where you’re called “young” at 36. I’m actually 36 + I’m a photographer = I’m still young. There it is: proof that I’m young in equation form. Jokes aside, Pep Bonet is the real deal. This is a great interview with a very talented photojournalist. Worth 7 minutes of your time for sure, and theres some great advice for all photographers and well, everyone. Enjoy.

My 1st time lapse of the new year

After years of manually acquiring time lapse movies, I finally bought an intervalometer. I’ll never make money using it most likely, but its a purely fun purchase that I made when I finally found an alternative to the pricey Canon TC-80N3, which can go for $150. So far, the cheap Chinese version I found on Amazon is holding up. It seems to work perfectly thus far and my only complaint was outlined on Amazon in the review over and over: to turn the unit off, you must remove the batteries. I knew what I was getting into and for the price I’d be stupid not to try it.  The trade off: I get sit in the warm car while my 7D time laspes in the sub-freezing wind outside. You can’t argue with that for less than $20. I shot the video above just a few days ago and a, quite happy with the results. Thanks to Synthecircuit and No Exit Records for the sound track. All I did was drop the song in and it fit perfectly with no editing whatsoever. Fortuitous.