New Ansel Adams Prints Fake?

So, I know that everyone involved has an interest in this discovery. But it should be no surprise to us all that once again something we heard on the news may be turning out to be bullshit yet again.

A lot of us love the idea of long lost Ansel Adams prints, especially Rick Norsigian, to whom they would be worth a lot of money.

When you dig a little deeper, everything goes out of focus. Turns out Earl Brooks probably took them. Looks like some of the internal reflections and imperfections on the negatives turn out to match work that can be attributed to Mr. Brooks.

Check out the Los Angeles Times article listed below. You may even want to check out the Mark Silber video below where Ansel Adams grandson weighs in.

Here is an article from ArtInfo:

Earl Brooks. Never heard of him. You know-  its kind of sad. He was so good that a lot of people confused his work for Ansel Adams (some argue the best American photographer), but where is he now? The cool romantic part is that his vision remains. The moments are there forever.  His photos live on without him. I want a print. But I want someone else to get the money.

Just for fun, I found this ModernGonzo video and had to share. I almost slid off of Half Dome last year as you may have read in a previous post, so this video about “the world’s most dangerous hike” sounded very interesting and familiar. Turns out China does Via Ferrata as well.


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