FStoppers – its not about your gear

The video above proves you don’t need a Hasselblad to tear it up. I can’t wait to try this with the iPhone4.

Also. these guys are on to something big. What better use for the inernets than the free exchange of information that benefits us all? I am a BIG fan of what these guys are doing at FStoppers. We can expect big things from these guys in the future. We just finished putting together our first Behind the Scenes video and that’s coming soon, but in the meantime, FStoppers is a depository for BTS videos from all kinds of photoshoots from photographers all over. For all you Photonauts out there, spend some time over there and watch some great vids, you will learn something.


5 thoughts on “FStoppers – its not about your gear

  1. You guys are comedians! This is funny stuff.
    You still cheated by using TONS of light. My old 3G iPhone sucked in anything less than direct sunlight with no shadows. But, it bit the dust recently, so I can’t test it anymore.
    It makes me want to run out and get the new iPhone, but I can’t afford that beast right now.
    Great shots thought. It shows that if you hold these little cameras very still and use LOTS of light and have photoshop wizards to play with the images that you can get good stuff from the iPhone camera. Maybe the new iPhone camera is better. I guess I’ll have to wait on that one thought.
    Sincerely, a new fan.

    1. Todd, Im really glad you liked the video, but I can’t take credit. The credit belongs to the guys at FStoppers, Lee Morris [http://www.rlmorris.com/] and Patrick Hall [http://www.patrickhallphotography.com]. I wish this had been my idea, but it wasn’t. I do plan on purchasing an iPhone 4 this week, so you may want to check back, I plan on trying this idea with the new iteration of everyone’s favorite smartphone soon. If you liked the FStoppers video, be sure to check out Chase Jarvis as well, you’ll find a wealth of behind the scenes videos and just good photography practice there.

      I think the whole point of the video is that light is the important thing. Not necessarily even awesome studio lights and soft boxes, but perfect natural light also. Its out there. Its out there in front of windows and bouncing off of giant white walls in between buildings. Its in open shade with a reflector, shooting into the sun and it sometimes happens on a cloudy day, but when it comes down to it: great photos = good subjects in good light. I’m sure you know this, but it resonates with me because people tend to gravitiate towards gear and not the art-part.

      I checked out your blog, Sierra Dreams and you’ve got some good stuff in there. I can’t decide whether its all about the Modoc Winter shot or the bald eagle. Amazing captures; keep up the good work and keep the shots coming.

  2. You’re right… my apologies to Lee Morris and the folks at Fstoppers for this oversight.
    Thanks for pointing this out and thanks for blogging this. I have to agree with you that it truly is about the light. After all, that’s what we’re all chasing when we’re running around with our cameras.
    I’m going to post some photos I shot with my iPhone up on my photo blog that will further illustrate this point. My old iPhone 3G (a moment of silence as it recently died… okay, thank you) was unimpressive as a camera, though some shots I took of my daughter one evening right before sunset really surprised me in their quality.

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