Pt. Dume: not as scary as it sounds.

Last year, we hit up this spot and loved so much it may just become a tradition. We read about the place in Afoot and Afield in Los Angeles County by Jerry Schad. It’s not uncommon at Point Dume to see whale, dolphins, many species of bird and beachcomber. Mountain climbers love its 5.9 routes and production companies shoot here all of the time. Remember in Planet of the Apes when Charlton Heston laments the buried Statue of Liberty? This is the place.

We love it because its half way between a hike and a day off and low tide exposes a plethora of sea-life from sponges to barnacles and curlews. On the way over the hill, after being buzzed by kamikaze WWII planes,, we even happened upon a lean and mean camera crew complete with a RED One and an Easy-Rig, an awesome, but low-tech way of stabilizing your video footage. I’m definitely looking forard to trying one, the operator said it was the bees knees.

When we reached the high-point of the short walk, we could see miles out to sea and spent some time guessing which islands were which, when we saw something that amazed all of us. Almost beyond perception, we looked out over the ocean and saw a boat traveling in what seamed like its own patch of stormy water. It looked like those cartoons where a cloud follows some poor soul and rains all day on his parade. Except there were no clouds, just roiling water surrounding the boat.

Since we saw humpback whales the last time we were here, I lugged my 10X50 binoculars up the path, so I pulled them out, lined ’em up and quickly realized that the storm was made out of dolphins. This boat was carrying only Snow Whites or Jacque Cousteaus, because it was surround on all sides by hundreds if not a thousand dolphins jumping in and out of the water oblivious of or showing off to this boat. I can only imagine the view that Snow and Jacque had on that boat, must have been amazing.

Along the path, headed toward Dume Cove,  we were greeted by California Poppies (must not sleep) and views of kelp forests swaying in the current. There’s a very small climb down a rickety old staircase to the beach which led to views of egrets and anemones (not anenome or an enemy), barnacles, SCUBA divers and Los Angeles smog hangin over the jewell blue ocean. There were sailboats taunting the moon across the horizon and it made for a beautiful Sunday, as it always does. Reliable Pt. Dume. Just keep an eye out for a parking space.


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