Jennifer & Jason

You know, once in a while, something comes along that is just perfect. Sometimes, its a mate.  Not only are these two perfect for each other, but they were also the perfect client.

Heather and I are new to weddings and could not have found a more interesting couple to shoot for our first big gig. We’ve shot everything it seems, but we’re beginning to think we were born to shoot weddings. Commercial work can be very exciting and we love the studio and portraits are good times,  but something about capturing weddings has us in a fever. Bring it on universe full of couples and let us show you how amazing and cool your love is.

Below are shots of Jennifer and Jason on their engagement and their big day.

Their Slideshow:


One thought on “Jennifer & Jason

  1. We can not thank you guys enough for all you have done for us!! We could not have asked for better photographers!! You could never tell that you were new to this! You captured everything I could’ve wanted from the engagement to my bridal shower to our big day!!

    I love looking back at the pictures and remembering the exact moment that was captured which is exactly what we wanted!! Everyone at the wedding loved you guys as much as we did and I couldnt have imagined anyone else being our photographers!!

    I definatly agree that you found your calling with weddings!! you guys are great at everything you capture but the moments that you caught and the amazing memories you helped us create were the best gift anyone could’ve given us!!

    thank you again and we definatly have photogrpahers for life!!

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