Moon – Pleiades conjunction

Click on image to zoom.

On March 22nd, our lovely Moon visited the Seven Sisters (I once had a philosophy professor who thought he was from the Pleiades). This event is semi-rare and it always makes for a great pairing. Usually, the Moon washes out all the nearby stars, so photos typically contain either the Moon or stars and not both. This small cluster in Taurus is so bright that it has no problem competing. There’s some flare here that I’m not happy with, that I think is a result of me not removing my UV filter.  Canon 7D, 28-135mm at 135, f5.7, ISO 800, curves adjusted.

In other news, I should be shooting the romance novel cover project this Saturday in the fashion district. I’m very excited. Also, results from my new 50mm 1.4 coming soon….


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