San Francisco on Valentine’s Day

For a slide show of these images, click here.

Every time I go to San Francisco, I leave feeling like I have unfinished business. It’s the kind of place you couldn’t truly experience in one lifetime. Like many other cities, it hustles and bustles and has its pitfalls, but there is a charm to this city that I couldn’t find in London, Rome or Madrid. I absolutely love these cities as well, but the fog city stands alone on the planet a singular individual. I watched the fog will the Golden Gate Bridge into being just by dreaming about it and sea lions stealing bait from angry fisherman. I stood in one place while people stopped their cars to simply look at light shining through the trees. One woman with a childlike sense of wonder in her voice exclaimed, ” isn’t the world we live in just beautiful!?” Yes. To quote TV, the world is just awesome.

Just as there will never be another Tony Bennett, San Francisco will always live and breathe and be unique.  If your not convinced yet, hopefully the images will win you over. I’m not sure whether the earthquake gave everyone a chance to rebuild and recreate a city better than it was before or whether the topography itself mandated such a cosmopolitan and lovely place to occupy its boundaries, but whatever it is, it has me and I will return.

What you won’t see here is photos of the Great San Francisco Pillow Fight. Russ and Heather and I decided that just the event title alone was good enough to get us there with great expectations. I brought 10+ gigabytes of photos home and it takes a little while to get through all o’ that. I’ll post the pillow fight as its own post in days or weeks to come. In other news, I’ll be shooting one of the most fun projects of the year over the next few weeks for an old friend: a series of romance novel covers. Who hasn’t seen a zillion six-packs on rippling dudes staring at you while waiting in line at the supermarket? I had to jump at the chance to help this author turn on women across America. Sounds like good karma to me.

Also, we had a chance to photograph Marcela Carmona at one of the coolest recording studios I’ve ever seen , the Bomb Shelter in L.A. (founded/owned by Eric Kretz, drummer of Stone Temple Pilots) while she tracked vocals for her new album, shots coming soon. Stay tuned….


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