If you know me, you know I love music. I spent about 5 years as a concert promoter before I became a full-time photographer and have played many concerts in many bands. We threw hundreds of shows from the Vandals to Avenged Sevenfold and the Aquabats to the Horropops. Music makes great photography. I like shooting bands on stage almost as much as I like playing on stage. Bands make for good listening, good times and great photos. A few all-stars from the local L.A. music scene that I knew from those days came together to form Villains, a metal project. I’ve worked with a few of these guys in the past and if its any indication of what the new sound is, brace yourselves kids and get ready for the pit. Do yourselves a favor and keep your ears open for these guys, cause its gonna be good.

The idea behind this shoot was lean and mean. Get in, get the shots, get out, stay happy. The clients get what they want with little hassle and without all of the logisitics rigamarole and man-hours that can add up to big costs. We could have gone with the tying the damsel to the tracks, spare-no-expense scenario, but in this economy, everyone is looking to a save a dollar or two. No big strobes or elaborate setup here, just a 380EX II with an umbrella and parking lot after a storm. Its arguable that the background detracts from the subject, but in my world, this makes a much more interesting shot than the typical seamless background and it was free. The universe is much more interesting than a studio.  This shoot was over in just over an hour, we got great captures and everyone went on with their evenings. Smooth, quick and 21st century. Thanks to Garrett, Kyle and Jake for standing around in the cold and thanks to Redman and Heather for their work and support. Let me know what you think, criticism welcome.

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