Kill Bill Church and more faces

Heather and I have been meaning to to head out to the East side of town to explore the church where Beatrix Kiddo was (almost) murdered. If you’re a Tarantino fan like I am, you’ll recognize the place. This lovely church featured in Kill Bill pt. 1 has been on our list of locations for a while, but when we found out that a young couple getting married there might allow us to take photos of the ceremony, we decided we’d better get out there for some early research.

Luckily the front door faces south. If we’re lucky enough to shoot this wedding, this guarantees us some form of lighting when they exit the church as husband and wife. Life in the mid-northern lattitudes of the northern hemisphere has one chasing the light on the south side and our brothers and sisters in the southern half look to the north for their light. The light was waning when we got there, but we stuck to it and shot what we could. On the way back, I pushed Heather out of the car and in fron of the camera yet again to practice my portraiture.

The blue to orange gradient of the sky punctuated by a black ink skyline has always been short hand for California to me. So I had to capture my California girl in front of the iconic and beautiful SoCal sunset, possibly the best and definitely the cheapest backdrop available. I’ve also thrown in a few of my latest portraits for good measure. Thanks to the David Hobby at the Strobist blog for inspiration. Let me know how you’re doing out there, I love the questions and comments. For a slideshow of these images please click here.


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