My Top Ten Shots of 2009

As a response to Jim M. Goldstein’s challenge, I’ve assembled what I believe are my 10 best images of 2009. Things definitely took a turn with the purchase of my first new SLR in years. Yeah, yeah, I know you’re all sick of hearing about it, so plug your ears.  An early trip in the year turned out to be very fruitful and an adventure filled year made for some great shooting.

School is to blame for not getting to more remote locations for landscapes, a scenario which will not repeat next year. We’ve got some really big projects in the works (some invovling NASA’s final shuttle launch) and we are looking forward to some eary weddings in 2010, so look out, its gonna be a great year.

So I want to say thanks to all of my readers. You’ve stuck with me as things struggled to get off the ground and I can’t thank you enough for all of the time and eencouragement you’ve invested in me, I can only hope to give you more next year than I did in 2009. Thanks again to all those great friends and families that let us in to record their lives.  We look forward to creating memories of 2010….

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  1. Shannon D. Anderson says:


    WoW! You are an artist!! This is such beautiful work. Congratulations on finding your talents. I am glad that you are willing to share it with the world. Looking forward to seeing 2010 too!!

  2. Mom says:

    I’m so proud.

  3. Kyle Crew says:

    Wow! Well done, sir. I am impressed.

  4. Chris says:

    Hey nice pictures, I really like your portraits! The black and white really is a moving look with that nice lighting.

    The baby looking up as well is pretty cool!

    Good job…


    1. Tom Varden says:

      Thank you very much for taking the time out to visit. Theres some amazing work at hiddenlightphotgoraphy and ACW, I’m flattered to get such encouragement from you. If you’re ever in Southern California, we should shoot.

  5. Prateek says:

    Hey Tom… Lovely photographs

    Great compositions and absolutely mesmerizing.
    Loved each one of them. They are an inspiration in themselves.


    1. Tom Varden says:

      I can’t thank you enough for the encouragement and taking the time out to visit. You have some great work on your site that I could learn a few things from. We can all be thankful for the symbiosis between internet and art and photography. We should could ourselves lucky that we can so easily share and learn from each other.

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