Pets and Parents

For a slideshow of these images, please click here.

I’ve been trying to hone the portrait skills a lot lately. The more I learn about light, it seems the less I know. Every subject is different and its not always a simple task to record the essence of someone’s personality in 1/250th of a second. I’ve had an idea of pic of my father in my head for along time and I finally sat the parents down for a portrait session. It didn’t last long enough, but I was pretty happy with the results. My Dad and my step-mother, Jean made great models and could’nt have been more patient with me.

After investigating why my dog was flipping out, I waslked out the front door to find a very young Siberian Husky cruising and terrorising the neighborhood streets. Of course, the dogs of the ‘ hood weren’t standing for it, so I went to check for tags and this little monster came at me full speed ahead. The tag read,”Chiya,” and we called the number only to find out that the owner had just started a softball game. I told him we’d take care of her until he could pick her up. In the meantime, I had to snap a few shots, and she seemed not to mind.


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