More fun with the Canon 7D

I’ve been struggling through finals this week, but I had to get my head out of the books for a while. I’ve been stir crazy not shooting and I finally hit critical mass. I know these are old tired tricks, but they’re fun ones. There’s about a million shots of water drops out there, but I could’nt help it. The rest of the shots are my regular models for new settings and gear, I try to image these objects differently everytime which challenges me to keep things new. The Canon 430EX II coupled with the flash triggering of the Canon 7D is making that an easy task. If you’re interested in photography and have an external flash, you’ve probably heard of the strobist movement. Strobists are capturing amazing results with modest gear and putting amazing images out there.  Visit David Hobby’s site and blog to learn more.

Its new moon, so check back soon for more astrophotography and a post on


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