Chase Jarvis, Slinkachu, etc.

Photo by Chase Jarvis

Are you paying attention? Good. These guys are the real thing. This marks the first time that I have posted another photographer’s work on my site (except for my wife). If anyone out there still has doubts that photography is a fine art, spend a couple of days thinking about these guys:

Chase Jarvis is a commercial photgrapher based in Seattle who was just named photgrapher of the year by Photo Focus. At his website, you’ll find mostly commercial and lifestyle photography that lives up to today’s dramatic lighting standards but still takes risks. His images speak for themselves. Be sure to check out his blog, it is the best photographer’s blog I’ve found yet on the net and you can bet I’ll be taking cues from Mr. Jarvis on web presence.

Slinkachu is brilliant. I can’t quite explain the intimate experiment in scale that this artist gives us. Just check out his work and you’ll laugh and think…about the simple and profound. I have been known to read a little too much meaning in things from time to time and I may be doing that here, but I always come away from Slinkachu’s work with a more humble walk, a more centered brain. Enjoy.

Photo by Slinkachu

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