Rollercon 2009


Roller derby conventions are fun. This is our fourth year and I can tell you for sure that in the oppresive August Nevada Sun, there is fun to be had.I’ve been waiting to post this for a while becasue I was hoping to post a timelpase of the Vegas skyline along with these stills, but due to a new computer migration issue, the timelapse will have to wait.

I don’t know my wife’s  Canon 50D yet, but that didn’t stop her from letting me play with it during the Pin-Up’s set this year. Heather is always hidden behind those cymbals and over the years, I’ve only got one or two great shots of her playing. The odds were stacked against me. If that doesn’t make it challenging enough I was using the 25-135mm lens, which was unfortunate.

The economy hid the event kind of hard this year and the promoters moved the derby matches away from the hotel this year, so it had a different feel from the bands perspective. We didn’t get to see near as many actual matches. The hectic nature of getting a band and their equipment together for a performance out of town is daunting, especially when you’re in Sin City with a bunch of musicians. As we drove into the sunset on the 15, I realized that the only way I would ever capture Vegas correctly in a frame would be to visit the city and only shoot photos. Too many distractions.


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